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If you're looking for an economical, common-sense way to find effective leads for MLM, you're going to be glad you found this web site!

Many of our customer have noticed that there are a lot of companies who are SELLING MLM Leads of various types on the Internet. Perhaps you've noticed that most of those companies have something in common? OK, maybe they have a few things in common. They seem to charge a lot for their leads, many haven't been in business very long, and often-times, they don't seem to want to let anyone try their leads before they buy.

Why should you spend one dime on Sales Leads until you know they'll work for you?

We think it's time to slow down a bit while you stop to consider why you should spend one dime on leads until you know they will work for you. We understand that it's often very difficult for Network Marketers to find good leads and all too often, leads are purchased based on faith after reading good advertising copy on a web site.

Would you buy a car without a test drive?

Our existing customers are familiar with the question we ask on our primary web site which is "Would you buy a car without a test drive?" Most of us wouldn't so the next question is why should buying MLM Leads be any different?

There's a better way to find good mlm leads

We have always suggested that it's usually best to conserve your capital and either try a few free leads or if you're in a rush and need to buy leads, buy a smaller quantity to test the quality of the leads before investing in a big list. Now you can test-drive quality surveyed MLM leads without spending one thin dime. Our free leads program has helped many Network Marketers just like you pursue a common-sense based approach. Advantage Prime Leads Program offers you the opportunity to see if our leads will work for you and your particular program before you make a purchase. AAHHH ... beginning to smell a little fresh air for a change?

Targeted Leads especially for MLM

My-Free-MLM-Leads.com has been set-up to make it easy as 1-2-3 to learn first-hand that our leads are of the highest quality.

For example, our leads are developed online when prospects take time to complete one of our targeted survey forms. Since all leads are 100% Opt-in, you'll be able to contact your free prospects by email, phone, or postal mail and be able to contact leads in a way that works best for you. Sometimes I've thought we should call these "door opener" leads since they will tell you why they are interested in starting their own business or earning extra income. In a nutshell you'll be a better position to get-off on the right foot when you contact your prospects because you've already eliminated a lot of the guesswork about how to establish a rapport with your prospects.

Here's a sample survey form that real prospects see ...
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Marketing Tip

"You can see at a glance that our leads provide you with more useful information - info that can help you not only contact your new potential recruits and establish a good working rapport with your prospects."





It's as easy to receive your free leads

Our leads offer an easy method to contact real prospects without all the fuss and hassle associated with cold calling or prospecting using old and out-dated methods. To request your free leads and be automatically entered in our 100 Free Lead Giveaway, just complete the lead request form that's available on this page. Please note that in order to preserve the integrity of our leads and free lead program, we will verify your contact information, so be sure to provide your real name, email address and telephone number!

By the way, if you are already convinced that our leads are for you, you can learn more about our surveyed leads and real-time leads for mlm clicking here now. However, no matter when you order, we would like to recommend that all new marketers follow a little well-intentioned common-sense advice.

First, take time to get to know your lead source
There are a lot of good reputable leads sources who would love to earn your business, so it's always a good idea to get to know your lead source. It's OK to ask a few questions like, how long have you been in business, how do you develop your leads, do you offer a guarantee?

Develop a good working-relationship with your leads provider
You might want to plan to provide your lead source with feedback about how your leads worked out for you. Sometimes, a good lead source or lead broker can help you fine-tune your marketing by recommending an alternative type of leads or perhaps trying leads that were developed a little differently because sometimes, little changes that might appear to be insignificant can make a big difference in your results. Plus your feedback can often help your lead source to stay on top of the quality issue. Most likely, your feedback will be appreciated and you'll also be in a better position to take advantage of the experience that a good leads provider can bring to the table.

Start off with a small quantity of leads and test them
Sometimes new marketers have expectations about a leads source or list that just don't match up with reality. There is no such thing as a perfect lead or leads list, so we recommend that all marketers try a few leads to get an idea about the quality of the leads. For example, a good lead source will encourage you to test leads in smaller quantities first - before ordering larger quantities.


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